Planomax Planograms are available as soon as you upload them No more waiting for planograms to be posted or emailed Just scan a QR-Code and see the planogram with Planomax Category Management, The eight steps, Category Tactics, Strategy, Implementation, Review, Shelfstock What is Category Management?

A collaborative continuous process between

manafucturers and retailers to manage a shopper need state which we refer to a ‘category’ as a business process The Category Management Association of America
Are you maximising your retail shelf space? A Planogram is a great way to measure return on space The easy to use budget friendly planogram software How much do you know about your shoppers? We gain insights into your shoppers by analysing available data like Epos data Market data & Shopper research We can then develop a strategy based on the insights we learned Retail Floor Planner With loads on new user friendly features Retail Floor Planner 2020 Edition is here!! Click on the image above to see the new features Hardware store, diy tools, paint, decorating, home, design, extension, shelfstock Right Range Right Layout Right Space Is Right for all kinds of businesses Hotel & Leisure, hotel pub, bed, overnight, accommodation, shelfstock Food & Leisure Licenced trade, pubs, alcohol, drinks, beer, wine, shelfstock Pubs & Hotels Pharmacy, chemist, front of store, odc, shelfstock, category management Forecourts, petrol, fuel, convenience store, top up shopping, food to go, hot food, convenience, shelfstock Forecourts Supermarkets, mutiple, grocery, convenience stores, fmcg, shopping, food, top up, outofstock, shopfloor, shelfstock Grocery Planogram Training, Planogram workshops, what are planograms, teaching, learning, shelfstock Need some planogram training? If you need to improve your planogramming skills or just want to learn the basics Shelfstock can help ECR FIF photo Shelfstock delighted to be part of the Feeding Ireland's Future initiative Helping our young people enter the workforce Are you looking to outsource your space planning? Or need someone for holiday or maternity cover? Talk to shelfstock today, we've got you covered Range assortment, shelfstock Is your product range on the large side? Do you know what consumers are buying and how they’re shopping for products? Are you using the consumer decision tree in your ranging strategy? Live images Live imaging service available especially formatted for planograms Mobile service available, we can come to you Shopping, Consumer, Marketing, Shelfstock, Store LAyout, Floor Planning, Retail Floor Planner, Shelfstock Are you focusing on customer retention? Existing customers are 3 times more likely to buy new products and they spend 33% more than new customers

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